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qPCR Seal

Recommended for qPCR and other imaging techniques including crystallisation. Clear non-sticky film containing a strong pressure activated adhesive, peel-able


This optically clear seal was specifically developed for optical applications, particularly qPCR. It is non sticky when removed from the packaging; this aids handling when wearing gloves. The adhesive is contained within small capsules, allowing light to pass through to ensure the optical clarity of the seal. When the seal is in position, pressure can be applied to burst the capsules, releasing a strong adhesive only where the seal touches the raised well rims of the plate - the rest of the seal area above the wells remain optically clear.



Seal Features:


  • Non-sterile as standard - can be sterilised upon request


  • Non-pierceable


  • Peelable


  • Seal integrity range: -80°C to 110°C


  • Sheets: 140mm x 77mm to fit all standard SBS footprint PCR and qPCR plates, microplates, assay and storage plates


  • Roll: 100m x 80mm


  • Applications: qPCR, plate readers, microscopy and protein crystallisation (96 or 384 well)


  • Removal - will not leave a sticky residue on the plate surface following removal


  • Replacement for: ABI MicroAmp Optical Adhesive film, ABsolute qPCR plate seals and Roche Lightcycler sealing foils



IMPORTANT - Technical Note


This is a pressure seal. The adhesive is released when pressure is applied firmly and evenly to the seal.  Our Roller for Adhesive Seals is ideal for use with this product.  We also recommend the use of our Optical Film Compression Pad during PCR with this product.


Use the Adhesive Roller to release the adhesive on this seal



RNAse, DNase, Human Genomic DNA free; seal integrity range -40° to 110°; peelable

(with pressurised heated PCR lid)

Sample request







qPCR Seal sheets

qPCR Seal sheets, multipack

qPCR Seal roll (100mm x 80mm) approx 700 seals

100 sheets

500 sheets

1 roll

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