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Product Information

Individually seals 96 racked tubes and 96 well plates, sheets are 130 x 80 mm

Heat sealing offers a 100% effective method of plate and tube sealing, for complete seal integrity, as well as being quick and cost effective.

Our 96 INDI™ Seal enables sealing of certain polypropylene 96 well format round well plates (please Contact Us for compatibility) or 96 individually racked tubes, such as cluster racks and 2D coded racked tubes.

The 96 INDI™ Seal is a foil-based heat seal which consists of 96 individual round seals held on a convenient to handle sealing sheet. The sheet has 4 pin holes which enable accurate alignment with the plate or tube rack to be sealed, when a suitable adaptor is used (please Contact Us or more details). The seal is applied using a manual or semi-automated heat sealer, such as our 4s3™ Sheet Heat Sealer.

Following application of this seal, the frame can be removed to leave 96 individually sealed wells or tubes. The individual seals can be removed as required, by hand or using forceps, via the seal removal tab. No polymer residue is left on the plate/tube following removal. The individual seals can also be pierced with a pipette tip manually, using a liquid handling robot, or with our 96 pin Pierce Plate (4ti-0398).


Seal Features

  • Seals polypropylene
  • Seal integrity range: -195°C to 120°C
  • Suitable for long term storage and sample shipping
  • Suitable for very low temperature storage
  • Suitable for high temperature incubations
  • Good solvent resistance, including DMSO
  • Free from DNase, RNase, and human genomic DNA, bacterial cell, eukaryotic cell, dust, endotoxin/pyrogen free
  • Sheet dimensions: 130 x 80 mm
  • Compatible with 96 format round well plates and racked tubes
  • Autoclavable (121°C)
  • Sterilisation available upon request






4ti-0543 96 INDI™ Seal for individual tube sealing, sheets (130 x 80 mm) 50 sheets

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