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Product Information

Technical Drawing of CrystalStrips™

Optically superior crystal clear strips of 8 flat caps for effective sealing of 4titude® standard and FrameStar® plates, part plates and strips of 8 tubes.

With the new CrystalStrips™ 4titude® offers the perfect supplement to the existing range of PCR Cap Strips. Due to their improved optical properties and evaporation-safe fit, the strips are ideally suited for applications where small volumes are used, e.g. low volume qPCR.


  • Made of a special polymer with improved optical properties leading to high transmission rates - Ideally suited for small samples with low signal intensity
  • Reduced shrinking during heating and cooling phases - Very tight sealing
  • Highest flexibility between the pitch of the individual caps - Variations in the pitch of any 96 well plate are accommodated, the caps can easily be aligned to the corresponding tubes as they allow for more independent movement.






4ti-0755 CrystalStrip™, crystal clear strips of 8 flat optical caps¹
300 strips
4ti-0755/120 CrystalStrip™, crystal clear strips of 8 flat optical caps¹
120 strips

¹For use with our FrameStar® PCR plates (including FrameStar® Break-A-Way), FrameStrips® and general PCR plates

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