Product Info

Product Information

Technical Drawing of Random Access 96 Well Skirted PCR Plate

Low profile, individually removable 0.1 ml polypropylene wells, rigid skirted polycarbonate frame, cut corner H1

96 well, fully skirted, low profile format with each tube inserted separately into the plate frame, allowing for selection and removal of individual tubes from the plate. Each tube clicks into place in the frame ensuring tubes are secure once inserted.

The rigid polycarbonate skirt of this design eliminates warping and distortion during PCR. Together with the SBS footprint, this makes the plate suitable for use with robotic systems, ideal for both small to high throughput labs.

Empty frames are available for tubes to be transferred to. The frames can be re-used multiple times, depending on the application.

Technical Specifications

Plate Width 127.76 ± 0.25 mm
Plate Depth 85.48 ± 0.25 mm
Plate Height 15.50 ± 0.25 mm
Well Depth 15.10 ± 0.10 mm
Well Diameter 5.50 ± 0.10 mm
Distance to centre of A1 from top edge 11.24 ± 0.25 mm
Distance to centre of A1 from left edge 14.38 ± 0.25 mm
Pitch (distance between A1 and A2) 9.00 mm


Plate Features

  • 96-well tubes are individually removable from the rigid frame
    - Removal of single tubes (samples) from the plate while the rest can remain in storage, reducing freeze-thawing of the whole plate
  • Tubes are made from thin walled PP
    - Optimal results in (q)PCR whilst also being suitable for storage and incubation
    - Fewer transfer steps as the same tube can be used for both (q)PCR and storage
  • Each tube can be individually heat sealed using the Random Access Pierce Heat Seal Strong (see below)
    - The contents of each tube is left secure from cross contamination and evaporation for storage and transfer
    - Each tube can still be separated after sealing
  • Rigid polycarbonate frame provides mechanical stability of the plate
    - Ideal for use with robotic systems
  • <100 µl working volume, <200 µl total well capacity
  • Grid reference to aid well and sample identification
  • Empty frames are available for tubes to be transferred to. Frames can be re-used multiple times, depending on the application

Sealing Options

Manual Random Access Heat Sealing

The 96 well Random Access plate can be sealed in one step using Random Access Pierce Seal Strong (4ti-05381/RA), 96 individual foil seal spots on a removable backing. These seals result in individually sealed tubes that are pierceable, allowing for sample access. Random Access Heat Seals are currently available in sheet format for use with the 4s3™ Semi-Automated Sheet Heat Sealer (using the 4ti-0613 Random Access adaptor).

Random Access Sealing Procedure using the 4s3™ Semi-Automatic Sheet Heat Sealer

Coming Soon - Automated Random Access Heat Sealing

The roll-fed RA4S Automatic Random Access Heat Sealer allows for automatic sealing of Random Access plates using Random Access Heat Seal rolls. The roll with the indexed groups of 96 individual sealing discs is automatically fed through the heat sealer. The accurate sealing is controlled by a sensor which gets activated by optical windows in the material feed, but can also by adjusted. Sealing temperature, time of sealing and exit delay (for cooling) can be controlled via the instrument's touchscreen. Custom versions of instrument and sealing material are possible.

Random Access Sealing Procedure using the RA4S Automatic Random Access Heat Sealer
(4ti-0675, prototype shown)


This plate is available with linear Code 128-format barcodes to aid identification and traceability for your samples. To order your plates with barcodes, simply add /SBC to the end of the ordering code for Standard Single Barcoding, /DBC for Standard Double Barcoding, /TBC for Standard Triple Barcoding, or /QBC for Standard Quadruple Barcoding (see Barcoding for more details).


4titude® also offers customisation of the Random Access Plates such as colour coding of the individual wells. Please contact us for details.







AGILENT / STRATAGENE Thermal Cyclers (96 well block) Robocycler Gradient
qPCR Cyclers (96 well block) AriaMx
BIO-RAD Thermal Cyclers (96 well block) C1000 Touch | S1000
qPCR Cyclers (96 well block) CFX96 Touch | CFX96 Touch Deep Well | CFX connect
BIO-RAD MJ RESEARCH Thermal Cyclers (96 well block) PCT100™ / 200™ / 220™ / 221™ / 225™ / 240™
qPCR Cyclers (96 well block) Chromo4™ | Opticon2™
EPPENDORF Thermal Cyclers (96 well block) MasterCycler® ep / ep gradient / Pro / Pro S / nexus / nexus gradient / nexus SX1 / nexus GSX1
qPCR Cyclers (96 well block) MasterCycler™ ep realplex
PEQLAB / VWR Thermal Cyclers (96 well block) peqSTAR 96X
SENSOQUEST Thermal Cyclers (96 well block) Labcycler
TECHNE Thermal Cyclers (96 well block) TC412 | TC512 | Genius | Genius Quad | Touchgene | Touchgene Gradient | Flexigene
qPCR Cyclers (96 well block) Quantica

For recommended plate options please refer to the Instrument Compatibility Table.



4titude Random Access Plates & Seals Introduction

Watch this short video and find out how to seal Random Access Plates with individual pierce seals with our Heat Sealer 4s3™ and learn more about our exciting new range of Random Access products.



Random Access 96 Well Skirted PCR Plate

Low profile, 0.1 ml PP wells, rigid PC frame, cut corner H1, working volume: <100 µl, total well capacity: 200 µl




4ti-0960/RA clear wells, white frame 50 plates

Random Access 96 Well Skirted Frame

Rigid PC frame, cut corner H1




4ti-0960/RA-Fwhite frame50 plates

Sealing Options

Sealing Options

Random Access seals are available to match the 96 individual tubes of the Random Access plate.

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