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Product Information

The Adhesive Seal Roller and Adhesive Seal Applicator ensure even pressure is applied across the seal for a complete application to the plate

To obtain the best sealing results when using our Adhesive Seals, we strongly recommend the use of the Adhesive Seal Roller (4ti-0502) or Adhesive Seal Applicator (4ti-0503).

Both application tools ensure even pressure is applied across the adhesive seal for complete and secure application to your plate, across every well.

The handle of the Adhesive Seal Roller is made of a durable plastic, with a semi-hard padded rolling wheel.

The straight rigid sides of the small-sized Adhesive Seal Applicator allow for even pressure application.

When applying adhesive seals to 384-well plates, we recommend using the application tools in conjunction with our FrameStar® 384-Well Plate Holder (4ti-0391) to support the 384-well plates during seal applications, and to give a level base.






4ti-0502 Adhesive Seal Roller
1 roller
4ti-0503 Adhesive Seal Applicator
1 applicator

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