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Product Information

Rigid polystyrene plate lids to protect samples from contamination and evaporation

We now offer three types of PCR plate lid, designed for our FrameStar® PCR Plate range.

The FrameStar® 96 NGS Lid (4ti-0287) is designed to fit perfectly with our FrameStar® 96-Well Skirted Robotic Plate (4ti-0960/RIG), and features condensation rings.

The FrameStar® 96 Lid (4ti-0289) is designed to be used with the FrameStar® 96-Well Semi-Skirted Plate (4ti-0770), and is without condensation rings.

There is also an Ultra-Low Universal Lid (4ti-0285) that features no cut corners or condensation rings, and can be used with the majority of PCR plates available.

4titude® lids are manufactured in our class 7 ISO certified cleanroom, and all lids are certified free of DNase, RNase, Human DNA, bacterial and eukaryotic cells, dust and endotoxins/pyrogens.






4ti-0285 Ultra-Low Universal Lid, without condensation rings 100 lids
4ti-0287FrameStar® 96 NGS Lid, with condensation rings
50 lids
4ti-0289 FrameStar® 96 Lid, without condensation rings
50 lids

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