Product Info

Product Information

0.2 ml individual clear polypropylene tubes, either with flat or domed caps

These PCR tubes are moulded from virgin polypropylene in our UK-based Class 7 ISO certified cleanroom production facility, and comply to the same stringent requirements as our FrameStar® range.

They are recommended for low to medium throughput applications.


Strip Features

  • Flat and domed cap designs
  • Suitable for all standard 0.2 ml block thermal cyclers
  • Snap-shut cap design
  • 0.25 ml (250 µl) working volume, 0.3 ml (300 µl) max volume
  • Leak tested

2D Barcoded Tubes

Our individual tubes with flat caps (4ti-0790) are now available with unique 2D applied to the top of each tube. The barcode is suitable for low temperature storage and high temperature thermal cycling. Simply use the product code 4ti-0790/2D when ordering.



Compatible with all standard thermal cyclers. Please Contact Us for further information.






4ti-0790 Individual 0.2ml PCR Tube, flat cap
1000 tubes
4ti-0790/2D Individual 0.2ml PCR Tube, flat 2D coded cap
960 tubes
4ti-0795 Individual 0.2ml PCR Tube, domed cap
1000 tubes

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