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Tear-A-Way™ PCR Plate

Tear-A-Way™ 96 Well Divisible PCR Plates

Pre-perforated plate which easily tears into strips of tubes or part plates. Standard non-skirted plate format, 0.2 ml clear wells, clear polypropylene, and a black grid reference


Tear-A-Way™ plates allow for the most flexible, efficient and cost-effective use of a PCR plate. Avoid the costly use of half-empty plates or the fiddly separation of plates with scissors. Cutting plates can perforate wells and damage sealing rings, risking evaporation and sample contamination.

Based upon our standard non-skirted PCR plate (4ti-0750), Tear-A-Way™ plates can be quickly and easily divided along the perforations between the rows. The correct number of wells can be separated off for each experiment, saving time and costs.

The Tear-A-Way™ PCR plate is available perforated either in the vertical direction, tearing into 8-well strips, or in the horizontal direction, tearing into 12-well strips. Both Tear-A-Way™ versions maintain all the benefits of our standard non-skirted PCR plate, but with increased flexibility.

To check the compatibility of Tear-A-Way™ plates with your thermal cycler or sequencer, please click Plate Compatibility chart on the purple downloads panel on the right.


  • Allows for the most flexible and efficient use of a PCR plate - No need to run half-empty plates, so reducing costs
  • Plate is perforated to enable accurate tearing into 8-well or 12-well strips - No tricky cutting of plates with scissors risking perforating wells, damaging sealing rings and contamination
  • Black grid reference on all strips — No sample identification errors
  • Non-skirted plates — Universal cycler and sequencer compatibility
  • 8-well version is easily divided into 24 and 48-well plates to fit a 24 or 48-well thermal cycler block
  • 12-well version perfectly suited for gradient cyclers
  • Snaps into strips for lower throughput - Cost effective
  • White version available for superior qPCR performance
  • RNase, DNase, Human Genomic DNA free
  • Sealable with 4titude PCR cap strips, adhesive seals and heat seals



Make full use of your gradient cycler


The new 12-strip Tear-A-Way™ plates allow you to make full use of your gradient PCR instruments. The temperature gradient is typically created along the horizontal direction of the block, thus 12-well strips or sections are ideal.





RNase, DNase, Human Genomic DNA free; suitable for heat sealing; alphanumeric grid reference; SBS footprint; autoclavable


Efficient – Flexible - Fast


Horizontally or vertically perforated versions - Easily divisible into part plates, or individual 8well or 12well strips for highest flexibility


Non-skirted PCR plates - For universal cycler, genotyper and sequencer compatibility


No cutting required - No damage of sealing rings, no contamination

How trustworthy are your scissors?

Scissors are widely used by everyone in the lab for cutting diverse materials and are typically highly contaminated with substances including bacteria and DNA. Cutting PCR plates with scissors should be avoided as it may lead to contamination of the wells.









Tear-A-Way™ 96 Well PCR Plate, divisible vertically in the 8-strip direction, non-skirted, clear, black grid reference

Tear-A-Way™ 96 Well PCR Plate, divisible horizontally in the 12-strip direction, non-skirted, clear, black grid reference

Tear-A-Way™ 96 Well qPCR Plate, divisible vertically in the 8-strip direction, non-skirted, white, black grid reference

50 plates


50 plates


50 plates

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