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96 Well Solid Bottom White Assay Plate

350 μl round wells, flat base, white polystyrene



These 4titude® 96 well polystyrene assay plates have flat bottom wells and have been designed for luminescence applications, such as Luciferase Reporter Assays. The white plate maximises signal intensity in cases of low signal from some or all the wells, and it is designed to give optimum results for most top reading instruments, and to conform to standard SBS footprint.



Plate Features:


  • Polystyrene: a hard material with optical clarity - best used for cell culture, fluorescence, luminescence, ELISA, and homogeneous assays


  • White Solid Bottom Plate: gives the best results for luminescence detection because they maximise signal intensity


  • Flat Bottom Wells: designed for optical imaging and cell culture application


  • Round Wells: for reduced droplet effects and wicking


  • SBS footprint: compatible with plate readers and ideal for use with automation


  • Suitable for use in BMG labtech, Molecular Devices, Promega Glomax and other plate readers - for full instrument compatibility please contact 4titude®


  • Non-Sterile as standard - sterilisation available upon request


  • Leak-free


  • Alphanumeric grid reference


  • Lids available


  • Our gas permeable seal 4ti-0516/96 is recommended as it is optically clear and allows repeated imaging without removal, reducing contamination risks





To order your plates with barcodes, please add /SBC to the ordering code for Standard Single Barcoding or /DBC for Standard Double Barcoding (please see Barcoding for more details).



RNase, DNase, Human Genomic DNA free; suitable for heat sealing; SBS footprint; ideal for use with robotic systems; available barcoded


• Chimney well design to

  overcome optical crosstalk

  and contamination.

• Reduced background


• Optimum signal to noise ratios.

• Alphanumeric grid reference.

• Lids with condensation rings


• Suitable for adhesive and

  heat sealing.

• Free from Dnase, RNase and

  human genomic DNA.

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96 Well Assay Plate, white, solid bottom, non-sterile

Assay Plate Lid, low profile, condensation rings, non-sterile

Assay Plate Lid, low profile, condensation rings, sterile

100 plates

80 lids

80 lids

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